All the trademarks owned by the group of companies GLOBAL WEB MARKET GROUP SAS, presents itself as a leader in Innovation and Research & Development of outdoor sports equipment. We have built our market strength on our manufacturing and design plants in Asia (China, Taiwan and South Korea) since 1986 on more than 14,000m2 of warehouses, employing nearly 1,200 people specializing in their field. Our international offices are based in Orlando, FL (USA) and in France in the heart of the Loire Valley in the historic village of Saint Pierre de Jards to serve our European clients and partners since mid-2020. Our services are available in five languages ​​(French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian) and we make sure to maintain a direct approach between the founding leaders of our company and our independent professional clients, being eager to maintain a relationship of "Boss to Boss" to grow together and offer the best to our individual customers.

European Warehousing & Fast Logistics Services

Our European Headquarters offer over 15,000sqm of Logistics centers and warehousing. We are able to organize direct factory EXWORK pick-up anywhere in the world and ship by air, sea or land your eBikes directly to your business location or to your clients' door, taking care of VERITAS due diligence, product conformity checks & standards control before pick-up from your manufacturer. In addition, our catalog of eBikes is composed of ready to import pre-selected products that fit the European Consumer Markets and comply with importing regulations for safe retail in the UE.

We make you benefit from Duty-Free Zone Warehousing in our Europe locations in all 27 UE countries, being able to operate On-demand Custom Clearance thanks to our in-house Customs Agents and run 24-Hour National Shipping / 72-Hour Continental Shipping to your final customer with Ad Valorem Insurance. With no minimum quantity.

Our delivery services can include On-Demand Delivery upon Appointment by e-mail or phone call with your final customer, reducing risk of absent receiver and causing additional delivery costs or returns to your opertions.

Our system is Fully Digitalized, making it possible for you to monitor the available inventory on hand for your goods. We can run GTIN and EAN management and provide dedicated management of your inventory while you are located anywhere in the world, our people on-site work with you.

Our Group has Special Partnerships with Parts & Accessories Manufacturers from around the world, making it possible for your brand or shop to not only work with eBikes, but also to seize the opportunity of the high-margin spare parts market and develop your own brand of accessories.

Thanks to your skilled staff, you can benefit from UE assembly line solutions, being able to set-up a fully operational business with European workforce and product warranties.

GLOBAL WEB MARKET GROUP E-MOBILITY is the partner of reference to build your international business in association with the E-Mobility market.